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Modern Model Railroad Control - Documentation

Modern Model Railroad Control - Overview


For the MMRC concept you can find the following documentation. You can also find Readme files in the repositories for each of the MMRC software and the source codes are fully documented.

MMRC Overview

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This document describes the concept of MMRC and explains how to use it and how it communicates. It is a work in progress.

MMRC Convention

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The convention defines the structure of MQTT topics and the properties to use in MMRC.


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A concise description on how to configure a Raspberry Pi to act as an standalone Access Point and MQTT broker.

MMRC MQTT broker

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This document describes how to install the Mosquitto MQTT broker on a Raspberry Pi (or any Linux distribution, actually).


When using MMRC at your model railroad, you may need some hardware to complete the installation.

MMRC 3D print

View the repository In this repository I put some 3D printing files that can be useful when you want to use MMRC at your model railroad.


View the repository Here you can find some Printed Curcuit Board layouts that can be used when building different types of MMRC clients.


Since each MMRC client has its own specific software, there are several repositories to choose from. Right now you can find the following:

MMRC 2turnout

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This application controls two separate 2-way turnouts independently. You can control each turnout with a physical button or from a remote client/MQTT app and you can have LEDs indicating the turnout position.

MMRC Two signal

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This application controls two separate signals from two different turnouts independently. It’s made for Swedish light signals and can control both 2, 3, 4 or 5 light signals. At the moment this is a work in progress and the application just controls one 2-5 light signal.